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Get Yo’ Hands Out My Pocket!

As a regretful grateful member of Citibank (with insane over-draft fees), I have come across some new info. What’s all the ruckus about Citibank raising fee’s? Here it is, straight from Washingtonpost.com

“The main changes will be seen by customers with mid-tier checking accounts, which offer the potential for earning interest and a few other perks. Starting in December, Citi will charge $20 a month on these accounts, unless the customer has combined balances of $15,000 or more in checking, savings and investment accounts or loan balances.

The fee was previously waived for combined balances of $6,000 for that level of account, which offers perks such as interest-bearing checking.

Customers also pay $2 fees for using non-Citi ATMs if they don’t meet the balance requirement.

For Citi customers who used a product called “EZ Checking,” which is being phased out, the change is more dramatic. For the past year EZ accountholders were able to avoid fees if they had combined balances of $1,500. If they didn’t have that much, the fee was $7.50 or $9.50 a month, depending on their state. Before that, those customers were able to avoid fees with a combination of direct deposit and online bill paying.

Customers who can’t meet the requirements may find it necessary to switch to Citi’s basic checking account. The bank last month raised the monthly fee on that account to $10 from $8, unless customers maintain $1,500 in combined balances, or use both direct deposit and online bill payment at least once per month.”

Time to close up shop. For those of you who are still putting $5.00 in your tank trying to stretch it to the end of the week, Switch to Ingdirect.com. I have a checking and savings with them. No insane over-draft fees, you can send a check/ pay bills online, link up other accounts and so much more. I just saved you money you’re welcome good day.


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