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Why Can’t We Be Great.

Can we get some Hollywood stardom and a couple of awards for our all black casts please and thank you! I can’t keep worrying about the problems of Madea’s never ending family. I was done when that black woman was mad. Tyler Perry stop it. We appreciate you but please stop. T.D Jakes you too.When is the last time you saw an all black cast horror movie?(not one that’s straight to dvd either.) Or an all black musical movie? Or an all black drama (not including For Colored Girls) that was highly received on the big screen? Why can’t we do movies like The Notebook, Black Swan or a super-hero movie that doesn’t include a “move b*tch get out the way” theme song. Where is our greatness?! Don’t get me started on our one shot at a Disney movie and we blew it by being a freakin lilly pad hopper for almost 2 hours.

What a giant leap Disney, Thank you for our moment.

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