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Herman Cain is NOT Able.

Cain is evil and so is Herman. For a person who is automatically in the spotlight of the black community (clearly because he is black) how DARE he form his ashy lips to say this! Click the video and be shocked/tickled.

Now in a SENSE, a small sense, I understand what he is trying to say. Pretty much what our parents tell us while we are maturing. Take responsibility for your mistakes and your mishaps that lead you in the opposite direction of a white house with a picket fence and a dog named Rex. I get it, but what about a little sensitivity my brotha? You can’t just blurt things out like that when there are black people predisposed (by their families shortcomings and lack of motivation being shown) to start off on the wrong foot. Some of them don’t know any better and isn’t being shown the right way. Have a little sympathy. You have lost my vote.


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