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JoJo’s Tips For Holiday Hiring.

While having my fair share of jobs from here to New York (and always having enough money to pop bottles during holiday season) allow me to give some of you less experienced future employees tips on how to get past being a seasonal employee and on to the team of winners, permanently.

1. Keep your schedule free. 

I cannot tell you how many times at my old job I interviewed some one and said to them directly, “We are specifically hiring for the holidays, so if you cannot work during the holidays or you’re going to be out of town this is not where you should be”. This would always start as a “Yeah i’m absolutely free” and end with a “Oh um, my family is going out of town for the holidays and I need this week off”. Then double end with a “Here is your last holiday check.” Don’t be this person because you will end up looking for employment again.

You better rent the movie and take a seat.

2. Be reliable. 

Holiday and back to school shopping are the busiest times in the retail business. No doubt you’re going to be working with some less than reliable co-workers. What’s the best way to prove to your boss your serious about your job than to be there when they need you? I’m not talking about ending your flirting with a mall rat and turning around to fold a shirt type of reliable, but coming in from work when your needed on a day off? Oh, what? You don’t do that? Good luck at the unemployment office.

Your future. The unemployment office

3. Don’t Participate In Drama 

I know I enjoy drama as much as the next Jackie Chrisite, Laura Govan… well the whole Basketball Wives of L.A, but don’t bring that to your place of employment. You will most likely be thrown in with a group of people you have never met. So there will be people that rub you the wrong way. Just don’t rub them back. You were hired to work hard, impress your boss and customers and hopefully stay there after Santa packs up his goodies. No competent manager likes a bad seed. Don’t participate or contribute to new or old drama and I’m SURE that you will continuously receive checks and hours after January.

“Josh said that Amy said that Tina said that our boss said your fired”

So please, pleeeassee don’t end up looking on Craigs-List and getting in your Sundays best to walk around the Bay Area looking for another job with your wrinkled manila folder and your overly detailed resume, after you’ve found one! Heed my words and keep it while you have it! Your welcome. 🙂


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