Don’t Disown The Chocolate.

Professional Swirlers.

If I hear one more black man say that they’re “done” with black women because of this and that, I will summon the power of Correta Scott King and and have all of them take a stadium of seats.  Listen, no one is telling you to go to the closest hood near you and grab the nastiest hoodrat you see with the brightest accessories, hair and colored eye contacts to match, and tell them all I want is you. Oh wow, now you’re shocked she embarrassed you in front of your friends by smashin’ the homie. Did you learn your lesson?

Its a challenge dating in the real world. Except in the real world Las Vegas. Every one hooked up on that show. My point is that its hard dating PERIOD, so RACE shouldn’t have anything to do with it. Some people just don’t mesh well together. There is no scientific fact that dating outside of your race will give you your soul mate.  No relationship (black, white, asian or mixed) is perfect.

Except these two. 🙂

It doesn’t matter what race you dip in, if she’s not the right girl she’s just not the right girl. Move right along. Not to mention you standing on your soap box announcing your disdain for black women in reference to relationships, makes people look at you like a self-hating black man. No race promises you a perfect partner. Maybe it’s YOU. Maybe you just attract the wrong women.

This is what you deserve.


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