Under The Influence.

“She told me she hate him now we @ the park, Ugh”

You may call a friend, with  tears in your eyes and your most non-attractive crying voice and tell them that your soul-mate just did something so down right dirty you can’t think straight. You give them a detailed speech about what your love did to you..then in true caring friend nature, they hold a grudge tighter than Lil waynes jeggings. You and your mate could be skippin’ through a field full of daisies holding hands but there will always be one person reminding you that, that isn’t what you should be doing. “Don’t you remember what he did to you” or “Why are you still with her?!”

You can be so happy with some one, moving past all the sour less than perfect moments and stretch your arms to the sky and bask in the essence of a new day…but there’s always one person reminding you that despite your current happiness you were a wreck of a woman/man just a few days ago in direct relation to your current boo. Don’t be a victim of INFLUENCE. Don’t let people who AREN’T in your relationship, remind you over and over again why you shouldnt be with the person you want to be with! Make a decision with your heart and not other peoples words and stick to it. Yeah your friends care about you, but only you know what’s best for you. I mean, can I get a AMEN?!

P.S. A good way to get every one to stop trying to prove that you and your boo with the matching outfits shouldn’t be together… stop telling them all your issues. Just a thought.


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