Celebrity Juice

Professional Posers.

Celebrities these days don’t have to do much to become an “actual” celebrity, except be really annoying on a reality show, date another celebrity.. or be rich. With the exception of a few people who USED to have decent careers but let them die a slow horrible death. Here is my list of people that professionally take up space and pose for the cameras.

Read more to see who made the list.

1. Ashanti

Ashanti hasn’t had a hit album in how long? Yet she’s still in the spotlight.

2. Ciara

Her goodies are expired by now and She hasn’t made me dance since lose control. Next.

3. Natalie Nunn

Okay you were interesting in Bad girls club… but that season is done and so are you.

4. Kardashians

These women are just attention whores. Really Kim a divorce in 72 days? My god.

5. Amber rose

Oh Amby, why have you forsaken us.

6. Christina Millian

The dream ruined you! I loved rockin from A.M to P.M. Sorry Ms. Ex Nash but just like the rest you’re just taking up space.


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