Celebrity Juice

Nip Here And A Tuck There!

“I don’t know what’s tighter my weave or my face lift”

Plastic surgery makes people like like melty face dolls. You spend all that money and the end result is, your face looks like it fell into a deep abyss of despair. Here’s a list of people that got greedy with the plastic surgery. What a waste of money and face. Click to peep
who made the list.

1. Vivica Fox


 They sucked the life outta her jaw line. Lookin’ a mess Aunt Viv.

2.Heidi Montag



I mean did any one tell her that she looks worse? No? well im writing a letter.

“Dear unnecessary celeb reality star. The milk from your boobs can feed a 3rd world country. You’re selfish and not worthy of them. You suck”

3. Lil Kim 

Before, with the infamous boob touch by Diana Ross at the VMA’s



Still after.

 Lil Kim change’s her face more than I eat. I only still recognize her because she’s still trying to diss Nicki Minaj. I’ll be a fan again when she’s done with that and her identity crisis.

4. Janice Dickinson



Father Time + Plastic Surgery x Insanity = This lady. I just broke Janice Dickinson down using math. I wonder how long it’s taking her therapist.

5. Wendell Williams


In Between

Final Result

Her nose is perfect for snorting stuff (that yayo) and her wigs look like they should be on Hagrid from harry potter. WHO NEEDS WIGS THIS BIG WENDELL?! YOU’RE A MAN JUST ADMIT IT!

6. NeNe Leakes



You got yo’ money up with Greg didn’t you Nene? Now you’re too good for quick weaves and a big nose. Shame on you.


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