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Celebrities Who Shouldn’t Act.

Was anyone else uncomfortable seeing Beyonce cuss in Dream Girls? Ever wonder why Justin Timberlake hasn’t won an Oscar? I’ll Effin tell you why. You cannot (Unless you’re Jamie Foxx)  Have that many talents fueling your celebrity power. You’re already good at what you started out with,  you don’t need to have that much success. Good news is you can act all you want in your music videos (Which will probably still make my eyes poop).

Here’s a list of celebs who should never stop making music and stay far far away from script reading, silver screening and things of that nature.

1. Kim Kardashian

“Too much face Kim, read that line one more time but act like you’re a human being with a soul and a brain”

I can’t with the baby voice. The only movie that she needs an award for is the sex tape with Ray J. Who else you know made a whole long lasting career/ franchise off of knocking the boots? Not only did she become famous, but she’s more in demand than the person that was already famous in which she mad the sex-tape with. Mind blowing.

2. Nicki Minaj

Dungeon Dragon on the red carpet

So Ms. Keep a wet wipe case a bum try to touch me ew is actually pretty entertaining in general, but she’s so extremely animated that I will never be able to see her as an actress. Word is she’s going to be voicing a character in the new Ice Age 4: Continental Drift movie. I heard one of her lines is “Stay Freeze’n em, ICE AGE”. That’s exclusive. 😛

3. Justin Bieber

Justin Channeling Malcolm X

I may not be a belieber, but I know a kid with eye-brows that’s arched, and a face like the smooth bottom of an angel, will never be in a movie worth me taking serious. And I’m out.

4.  Kanye West

Hold up Imma let you finish but Kanye had one of the best albums of all time. With that being typed, Kanye don’t leave the studio because you don’t fit any where else. VMA’s just let you back in don’t ruin that.


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