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I know some of you are used to seeing me with my short hair but after pumping mad iron at the gym it turns into a mushroom afro. People assume since your hair is shorter it’s easier to maintain. WRONG. Unless your hair feels like Chinese silk it’s a problem.

I bought Classy Signature Malaysian hair and it’s a gigantic step up from Bobbi boss or milky way. I’m not afraid to talk about my weave experience because I’ll do anything to drop knowledge on the hood rats with possum fur on their heads. Plus everyone with eyes knows this ain’t mine!

Classy signature is pretty expensive ( from $100-$180 a pack) but its about 90-120 bucks if you order online. All you need is two packs and you’re good to go for 6 plus months. I mean if you’re gonna get fake hair it shouldn’t look like a walking birds nest.

Maintenance is pretty easy. Just put a little water on it, brush it (not with a wooden brush), spray it with some Garnier Fructis curling spray, braid it into four parts then scarf it.

Too many weave wearers are walking around not knowing they look a mess, and knowing is half the battle. You’re welcome.


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