Celebrity Juice

Is There No Hope For Jennifer & Evelyn?

I know a wanna be classy phony MF when I see her and Jennifer is all of that plus fur in every scene. She is giving us so much “I don’t have time for this I’m worried about Jennifer what do you want from me Evelyn!” it’s hard to watch. I’m waiting for Evelyn to leap across the table and give her a lump on her head like her Ex husband.

Was it wrong of Jennifer to let her “publicist” blog about her best friend? Or was she lying to avoid feeling the New York wrath Evelyn is itching to deliver, and actually wrote the blog herself? I don’t remember Jennifer being this Prissy though.. Maybe her “I’m better than you” Attitude contributed to the death of her and Evelyn’s friendship. Was she wrong for what she did or is Evelyn being dramatic?


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