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Rihanna Will Never Care

Some celebrities don’t give the tiniest Fu*k if their catapulted into role model territory. Especially not miss Robyn. She posted a tweet along with n pic of her smoking a cig prolly imported from the islands.

The “u mad?” tweet along with the #no1currr hashtag most likely stems from the chaos surrounding her decision to bump nasties with the temper maniac Chris brown. I ain’t mad Rihanna you can relax and smoke that Mary and cigarettes all you want. You’ll just die sooner than the rest of us and Rita Ora will be waiting.


2 thoughts on “Rihanna Will Never Care

  1. Lol Rihanna is a hot mess smh Chris browns girl tweeted "I'm Angelina you Jennifer …you see where brad at " lol there both dumb but I ain't gon lie that shiz was funny!

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