Celebrity Juice

I’d Be Pissed If JLo Was My Mom.

Jennifer Lopez Is so busy getting her dusty cakes waxed, she’s forgetten how many time’s we’ve been invited to sit and watch her publicly cry wolf when it comes to love. Girl you have kids sit down and knit some where. TALK ABOUT CO-DEPENDENT! I know people who love love but this is just getting insane. We talk so much about celebrities being role models but this is some bulls*it.

You’ve been married more times than I can remember, and you frollick through the sand with a new arm candy! This is the second time you swapped saliva with your back up dancer. Why isn’t anybody going in on her. And wtf is THIS HERE?!!!

All im saying if I was her daughter, and I grew up and found all this stuff out I’d be confused about what love actually is. I don’t think JLo even knows. She knows as much about love as she knows when it comes to acting. Sharee has better acting skills than her.

Hasn’t she learned to keep it behind closed doors. You just got a divorce yet you wanna take pics holding hands and cupcaking. Some one outta whip yo head and slap you back to reality. I used to like you Jenny from the block now I just feel bad for you. Stop trickin off your money on that baby boy Casper and focus on yourself and your kids.Now you got Skeletor taking pics with his side pieces. You don’t always need a husband/boo. Chill out.

Around the younglings already? Really?

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