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People Who Brag About Name Brands/ Money Probably Are Terrible With Their Finances.

I know your first thought might be… Hey girl, but you have name brand things on your blog. My answer to that is.

1. Shut up and read the rest of this post
2. It’s for the readers, not me.
3. I don’t buy it unless I’ve reviewed it

Im pretty sure some people buy expensive name brand things just for the shock value and the enjoyment they get from a compliment from a jealous bystander. A little something like, “omg that is such a cute Marc Jacobs bag!… I’d look so much better with it”.

What annoys me about this senseless Facebook generation is that people BRAG about their luxurious purchases. Let’s examine a few real situations most likely going on in their lives.

1. Your wasting money on items in which can be used towards a security deposit for your own place, get your a*s outta your mighty duck sheets at your moms.

2. Your car is decked out better than your room.

3. Your phone periodically gets cut off.

4. You have not a lonely dime in your savings account.

5. Your clothes are all expensive but you can’t afford to wear them out with your friends cuz you ain’t got NO ENDS.

6. You owe people money

This list can go on and on but we all know people who dive into rants regarding their money situation. I myself am not buying an item I cannot use everyday for some years until I

1. Have a home
2. Have a couple racks on racks in my savings and checking
3. Have my dream car
4. A career where I can easily make up for what I spent.

This has been a public announcement for those who waste and don’t have their Ish together.

On a side note, if you have all that then you have every right to spoil yourself, look how far you’ve come!


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