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Do You Care? Kreayshawn Interview With GQ

I like Iggy Azalea better. There is only room for one top white girl rapper and I will not be listening to the one that says swag is pumping out her ovaries. Stop the silliness. If you guys would like to dabble in her business fine. She’s only cool cause she from the bay area. Anything else can be chalked up as another female rapper using shock, vulgarity and a rhyming dictionary to make it. I can’t rap or begin to think of talking about blunts and bitches so kudos to you kray kray girl.

After skimming the interview and trying to hold on to the slightest care I have about this young lady, she SEEMS high spirited and kind of funny from what the reporter has written. Actually, she seems a little smart.

“Natassia Zolot came up with her stage name when she was a teenager having a very teenage thought: If I don’t create every day, I will die. It’s not pronounced cre-ay-shawn, though—it’s bisyllabic, kray-shawn.”

Absolutely blows my mind.

Read More http://www.gq.com/entertainment/music/201203/kreayshawn-interview-profile-gq-march-2012-gucci-gucci#ixzz1nnjz5ugJ


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