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Basketball Wives: Episode 2

All I care to bring to your attention is:

1. Why oh why would Evelyn condone cheating in her marriage.
2. Why does Kenya think she can dance, direct, sing and get away with that weave.
3. Has Susie always been this lispy and annoying?

Excuse me Ms. Evelyn but since when do you put “As long as you use a condom when you cheat”  & “I don’t want our marriage to fail” in the same sentence? Did Chad accidentally hit you in the head with a football? Or are you just that slow? THERE IS NO WAY IN LATINA HELL THAT YOU CAN HAVE A SUCCESSFUL/LASTING MARRIAGE WHEN YOU TELL YOUR FIANCE THAT IF HE DOES DECIDE TO CHEAT TO USE A CONDOM. I’m not married, but i’m about as confident as Kenya is in her career that, what came out your mouth slid across the couch, crawled up Chad’s pants, went in his boxers and said “Hey let’s get to work” to his little Ocho Cinco.

Kenya. That risky business Tom Cruise out fit, the hair, the dancing, THAT HORRIBLE BURGUNDY SWEATER YOU WERE WEARING during your one on one with the camera. Here is some advice:

Start a fire.
Throw all of your clothes, hopes and dreams in it.
Sit down.

Susie, you are the most boring person on a reality tv show I have ever had the displeasure of watching. Not only do you talk with a distant lisp, your hair reminds me of my barbie dolls when I was 9. You’re in the “circle” now and you think you can rumble with the outsiders. I hope Royce yanks your Sarah Plain and tall a$s to the floor and stomps the lisp outta you.

What do you guys think of Episode 2? Cause it completely upset me.


3 thoughts on “Basketball Wives: Episode 2

  1. That fuckin' lisp is annoying. Also, she annoys me because she wants to know everything…I'm looking back at the previous season and siding with Royce…now I see Suzy's real colors. She's Wack! As far as Evelyn…she ..was.. my fave, but giving her fiance the option of cheating, doesn't speak strong woman to me. Kenya….I don't know about her yet…I will give her some more time to impress me.

  2. evelyn was my fav too!! until she told chad he could cheat. I thought she was a strong person but nvm. Suzy is just so annoying like really she be doing waaay too much all the time. from getting loud to stirrin up drama i hope some one slaps her.

  3. Like…did she really have to get loud about not liking Kenya all up on Facebook..? Damn..doing too much…she clearly said it was for fun…and I think it showed her goofy side…

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