Celebrity Juice

If You Don’t Like It, Don’t Watch it: Basketball Wives.

Every body from Chilli’s Pretend Love Guru Tionna Smalls To Tamia has presented an apparent distaste for Basketball Wives. Okay so here’s the thing… DON’T WATCH IT.

People always like to take something apart piece by piece to figure out the psychological impact on people (black women in this case) and the effects of its presence in our culture. I’ma put it like this. It’s just T.V.

If watching Evelyn Push Jennifer in the head with a clutch purse and telling her what Life she’s about, makes you want to do that to your friend, you need to be far away from a T.V and closer to consulting your therapist. Being the secure and wise young lady that I am, I watch it, discuss it, laugh and carry on. There is nothing to take from that show except fashion and one-liners.

I’m tired of people saying “Basketball Wives is a disgrace to black women”. I’m sure if cameras followed you around all day you’d do something a little classless so knock it off. You cannot put the weight of black women on whether or not there will be drinks thrown on Basketball Wives. Please stop it. It’s ratchet, trashy and ghetto and I love it.


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