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Celebrity Juice: Jessica Biel Had A Stripper On The Set Of 7th Heaven?

Jessica Biel was dishing her past dirt to W Magazine, I used to think she was so boring on 7th heaven. That show was too churchy for me. Out of that whole boring cast Jessica is the only one thats on fire, which is odd for a sitcom financed by Jesus Christ himself.  Read More to see what she said to WMagazine.

That television series, which ran for 11 years, was known for its wholesome, all-American, quasi-­religious message. The parents were literally and figuratively blond and blue-eyed. It always seemed to me that, physically, you looked like you belonged in another family.
Looking back I can see that, but at the time I literally didn’t care if I was the wrong race or wrong gender; I wanted that part. I wanted any part. And that show was fun. I was a basketball player who was going through all the stuff that a 14-year-old goes through, which is, as you know, completely psychotic.

Did you rebel in your teens?
I cut my hair supershort and dyed it blonde. I had to apologize to Aaron Spelling [the producer] for doing that. He wasn’t happy. When I turned 17 or 18, a really obnoxious friend sent a stripper to the set. I had to apologize for that too. The show was all about family values, and they took that position seriously. I was always apologizing.

Read More http://www.wmagazine.com/celebrities/2012/04/jessica-biel-cover-story-total-recall-remake#ixzz1qcL5u5b8

Here is some hotness from her photo shoot…


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