Celebrity Juice

A Few Things That Could Happen During Kim & Kanyes Relationship.

I’m not sure of how I’m taking this. Is this real ? It doesn’t really matter at this point because they will be married in the next few days. Entertainment Tonight will be broadcasting it and there will be thousands of generous donations given. Despite the excitement leading up to the Kanye Kardashian fairytale wedding, here are a few exciting things that could happen during the duration of their relationship.

1. They will merge their love of fur and create a his and hers clothing line called KimKay Fur.

KimKay Fur. Also Available in Rick Ross sizes.

2. They will also branch out like Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom and have their own reality show. It will be called “Kim Kardashian”. (Kim doesn’t like sharing things with her significant other so Kanye won’t be allowed in the title.)

3. We all know these two love fashion. Kanye West will debut another shoe, made specifically for Kim Kardashian. It will be the embodiment of Kim & Kanye’s bigger than life personality. They will be called the Ego’s.


They will be divorced before the Basketball Wives season 4 reunion premieres.

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