Relationships: A Nice Date Location in Oakland.

Oakland has been leaving a bad taste in every one’s mouth ever since the news was blasting coverage of the Occupy Protesters. Despite the negativity Oakland is infamous for, there are many hidden gems in this still wonderful city, such as the F3 at the Cotton Mill. I have passed by this building a million times and would have never thought it holds so much beauty and art on the inside.

F3 Art Gallery at the Cotton Mill Event

This place is not only FREE, but it comes with four floors of all the good stuff. You start at the first with an improv group, then make your way up to the fourth where some of the artists are hosting “open studios”. This is where you can see how the artist lives and paints. There is also live painting, dancing, jewelry and champagne! What a nice way to experience art with your special someone.

They also have a shuttle to TAKE you to the building. It arrives 400 feet away from the Fruitvale Bart Station every 15 minutes. (Don’t worry it’s legit, you will see a little F3 logo on it.)

1091 Calcott

1091 Calcot Place, Oakland, CA

(510) 533-2500

The next event is tomorrow, April 20th. 6:00pm-10:00pm.
If you can’t make it to this one they hold events about every 3rd Friday of every month!


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