Movies: Snow White & The Huntsman

Yaaaawwn till the good parts.  This is an entirely different take on the Snow White I was brought up on, grant it im pretty sure the first Snow White was alive during the great depression era. I will not offer any of you spoilers (I think) but I will tell you that there is some sort of acid trips going on in the movie, so whatever drugs you decide to take before hand, just don’t.


I pretty much enjoyed this movie. It’s dark, envokes feeling, and makes me want to watch ALL of Charlize Therons’ movies because she kills it in this one. Out of Kristen Stewart (Snow White), Chris Hemsworth (Huntsman), and Charlize Theron (Evil Queen), Charlize snatched the entire movie. When I say snatched I mean not only did she steal the scenes, if the screen wasn’t on her I was more focused on my ice cream.
While the remake was worth watching, it was all a little too slow for me. The dwarfs came in really late and before that it kind of dragged on in circles, like this:
Evil Queen: I’m going to get you, me and my brother.
Snow White: No you’re not.
Huntsman: I don’t know if I should help.
Pretty much at the middle/end mark is where things get really crunk. I mean there were beautiful animals popping up from out of no where, great fight scenes, reunited love, gowns made of bats and the dwarfs! I give this movie a B, if it wasn’t for Charlize it would be a C-.

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