Emily VanCamp, Revenge, T.V

T.V: Why I’m Waiting On Revenge (And You Should Too)

 This show is absolutely my favorite. At first I was like eh, but now it’s like WOW. It’s like a modern day soap opera with no corny lines or terrible background music setting the scene. The first season is over and the second season (I’ll bet you 10 bucks) will be better than the first.

Emily Thorne, real name Amanda Clark (played by Emily VanCamp) is a young woman who dismisses all other aspects of her life that has nothing to do with slapping the betrayal out of a slew of people who has turned their backs on her father. I won’t give too much away for those who haven’t seen the first season, but let me just say that there is gay affairs, explosions, exposures, guns being pulled and so much disaster in the Hampton’s that I wish I had enough money to start some drama like this in my hood just for my personal entertainment.

Second season is date to air around September this year replacing the spot that was specially reserved for Desperate Housewives on Sundays at 9:00pm. Before season two starts I highly encourage you folk to catch up. I’m sure some one will be dying in the first episode. Who doesn’t like a good dramatic death scene to start off the new season? I know I do.

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