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Life: Tips On Moving Out

The picture says it all. You dont have much and most times you don’t know where to go but you just want/need to get out. Well hold up, there’s certain things you should know before you sign that lease, so check it!

1. With patience comes happiness.

I know getting your first place is like getting the bigger piece of a shared snickers, it’s a dream come true. It’s so important to look at a bunch of places before you make your decision. So often we feel like hey, I’ve waited this long I just need to move I don’t care where it is. Trust me once that second month hits and you’re in a shack wishing you waited to find something better you will be very disaapointed in yourself. Check out everything you can thats decent and within your price range and pick the one that you absolutely love. It’s important not to rush because once you sign a contract you are obligated by law to stay there and pay up. (Unless its monthly then you’re basically free as a bird).

2.  Make sure everything that needs to be fixed is repaired before you move in.

Before you sign or pay, I beg you to do a THOROUGH search in and around the property. Anything that needs to be fixed mention it to your land lord. They usually do a pre-move in inspection and go down a check list of things that should be in order. If necessary take pictures of anything and everything that’s broke or damaged and make sure they are fixed before you pack up and move in. a lot of times once you’re in a new place the landlord gets lazy because they already have your money. This doesn’t happen to everyone but it happens to a lot of people (including me) so make sure your home is up to par if you’re giving them your money.

3. Don’t sign anything you havent read.

There was an episode on Southpark that joked about people not reading the terms and agreements on their Ipads and basically signing their life away to Apple. It’s a highly exaggerated example of the risks of signing a contract without fully understanding what you’re signing but you get the point. Read every single line on your lease before you intial here and there. There might be some things you dont agree with such as you paying for garbage and water, them being able to take un-paid rent out of your deposit, or you paying for repairs. Also if there are things you’re unclear about ask your land lord. Once you’ve signed it your binded. ( I just made that up, dope huh?)

4. Buy house items before you move out.

This only applies to those who are living in a place where their things don’t come up “missing” or they have space. I saved a lot of time buying things like soap, tissue, cleaning supplies, dishes, etc before I even moved out. By the time I moved in, the bathroom was stacked with the good stuff and my kitchen was partially complete.


I’m pretty sure this is the golden rule. When we (I’m speaking for the youth now) decide we want to live on our own I’m almost 100% positive that we think our first place is going to be like the illest crib ever. So in reality not for another couple of years, unless you just got it like that. Keep in mind if you’re leaving your parents house the only thing they MAY even let you take is your bed, dresser and tv. Thats not even half of what you dreamed of having in your home. You want a flat screen, a nice couch for your less than motivated friends to crash, internet, computer, stereo system, home decor (for the classy kids) and all the other gadgets that’s taking the techno world by storm. Plus don’t forget theres food, gas to your job, clothes, pg&e, car repairs & insurance and so many other things. Of course some of us don’t have a car and aren’t worried about materialistic items such as a nice flat screen. In a nutshell just save as much as you can and deduct from your monthly budget everything you would need to pay for when you move out. You’ll having a living room set in all of 5 years! Congratulations on your new apartment!


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