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T.V: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Gets A F+

When I watch little clips of this show I get this really weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. It’s like pity, anger and a dash of “are you fu*kin kidding me” mixed in with a cup full of questions. Such as; Is Joseline really a man? Did he really sit in between his girlfriend and his side piece? Is K. Michelle ever going to have a hit record? Who let Momma Dee pimp them back in the day?

Maybe because the cheating is so desperate and obvious. Or maybe it’s because Momma Dee is so rough and she used to sell dope AND pimp. Or maybe it’s the instant drama thats poppin off on twitter ALREADY. Those are all the reasons why I find this show to be a little too much. Usually I like an extra dose of trash talking and a jump off trying to earn her spot, but this show is all too much for me to handle.

That’s just straight stank.

Mimi, Stevie J’s…whatever,  makes me want to figure out her email and send her a heartfelt letter telling her why she doesn’t need to be with that wanna be smooth playa mac daddy cornball like Stevie J. I can’t get past the fact that this whole cast (I say cast because who are we kidding this is scripted) is swimming in the depths of distaste and trashiness. They put the spot light on anything that cheats, lies and wears tight shorts and honestly I will not be tuning in. This will be the first and last post regarding this T.V show.


2 thoughts on “T.V: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Gets A F+

  1. exactly! its like ridiculous im like cmon now is this really t.v this woman is all up on this dude and proud to be his mistress lol if i was the other girl she woulda got slapped.

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