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Things That Annoy Me About Black Women

Like what is this even about?

and by black women I mean SOME. This is in no regards a diss to my strong, hard working, polite, dedicated role model-y African American women. I’m just so sick an tired of feeling embarrassed by the actions of a fellow woman of my race. This feeling of disgust was brought upon me by watching a woman who is basically addicted to butt shots, embarrass herself and black women on the Dr. Drew show. It was just so so sad. Read more about her HERE.
Shall I begin?

1. Horrible Photo Attire

I swear there must be a sign on the stores they shop at (Rainbow) in neon letters, flashing that says “HOODRATS WELCOME! DISCOUNTS IF YOU HAVE UGLY TATTOOS!!”

2. Loud, Tacky and Wacky Hair Styles.

Not even cute boo boo’s. I hope these women have already secured good jobs because I highly doubt they will make it past the interview without being laughed at. Or with out some one mistaking their hair for melted skittles.

3. Always Trying To Fight

Why is it if I glance at another black women she thinks I’m staring and I need my ass kicked?

4. Trying to “twerk” or strip in front of their child. While taking pictures/ Recording.

I’m not going to post a photo or video of that, but you guys know what I’m talking about.

5. Writing books highlighting the fact that you were basically a high class escort to the hip hop world.

Nas’s baby momma, Karrine Steffans and now Kimbella all want their story to be heard.

6. Being Vulgar

I can’t even go into the nail shop in Oakland without hearing a girl my age swearing up a storm on the phone! Not cool! Can’t I just get my eye brows waxed and listen to the Asian music playing in the background? (half j.k)

This is not an announcement to the rest of the beautiful black queens. Just the hoodrats that scurry through the streets. šŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Things That Annoy Me About Black Women

  1. real talk. It's not just White people who are annoyed by these things. I love my people but the things you pointed out are right on point. We have to do better and stop mistaking negative practices as something to praise and celebrate.

  2. Tired :/ says:

    It’s hard for me to get along with other Black women. I’m quiet, and avoid conflict while many Black women take this as being stuck up or something. I’m tired of the “stareing people up and down” and “weave checks”. I’m sick of other Black women putting me and each other down soley for the sake of a Black man And you can say “Well white people/all races….” all you want, but I KNOW what I’ve experienced.

    • Amanda says:

      I have been through this and I still am going through it. I also get targeted because I “talk like a white girl” is what they refer it to. Its like they take it as a sign of weakness. All the jealousy and constantly competing with one another gets tiring

  3. Amanda says:

    Yeah everything I agree with except for the part where you say”and where are their kids at?” just because you have children does not mean that you’re not allowed to go out have a good time every once in awhile. It makes me feel like you should do one on black men. those women didn’t have those children by their self. and just because you think they’re from the ghetto which is also known as a poor area does it mean that their baby father isn’t around to keep the children. Don’t be so quick to label a young black mother as a single mother just because the way they are dressed in because of their appearance.

    • STATISTICALLY SPEAKING, most families in the lower spectrum of the socio-economic scale (mostly blacks) don’t have both parents in the house. Just because I said “where they kids at” does not translate too “shes a single mom abandoning her kids”. Can you please point out in my post where I mentioned kids….?

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