Movies: JoJo’s Movie Picks

I spent an entire hour watching movie trailers on and I saw some that look pretty dope. Here they are!

Red Lights: This one looks very suspenseful and I love movies like this. Robert Dinero is so menacing, I’m scared just looking at him.

Celeste & Jesse Forever: Tugs at my heart strings.

Sinister: Did you, or did you not just pee in your pants?

The Master: Joaquin Phoenix is back ladies and gentleman!! This trailer doesn’t offer much story line but it’s so mysterious!

Savages: Drugs, sex and violence. OKAY!

Hotel Transylvania: Get ready to laugh because this looks hilarious!

Wreck-It-Ralph: The story line is so creative, how could you not want to see this movie!

Django Unchained: Anything that has the dude from Inglorious Basterds in it will be awesome.

There’s my movie list I hope you guys saw something you liked!


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