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Relationships: Are Your Passwords A Secret??

Do you hold on to your password for dear life? Or would you give it to you significant other? Some say that if you don’t give it up, you’re hiding something. Others say that it’s just so they can have a little piece of privacy… here’s what I think.

It depends on what kind of “relationship” you’re in. Just talking… don’t give up the password. New relationship… don’t give up the password. Madly in love/ engaged/ married… LET IT GO YOUR DAYS OF PRIVACY ARE OVER. I don’t mean to be crude, but if you guys can take a sh*t in front of each other your “privacy” is pretty extinct. 

I never understood why some one will tell you “I love you I’d do anything for you, no secrets ok?” and then hold on to their passwords like Gollum holds on to the ring.

In a serious relationship you guys should already know the in’s and out’s if each other. Usually, the quicker you give out the passwords the person you give it to will feel less compelled to use them. If you say No, then it’s like well what the heck are you hiding??

I know you may say “well why are they asking?”. Maybe Just to be nosey, or they feel insecure, or they saw a pretty girl make a flirty comment on your picture. Just humor them and let them have it. If you’re being a good bf/gf what are you worried about?

What do you think?


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