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Celebrity Juice: BET awards.

I never watch the BET awards so this post is all about the clothes. Sorry if you’re lookin for a recap, you better find some one with a DVR! (plus I’m sure they’ll be 99 reruns on bet).

I think Estelle looks good.. I’m just tired of women with the “I’m styled by June Ambrose” look.

Christina’s outfit is soooooo early 2000’s. Everything just screams NO.

YES Chaka you better WERK! Her hair is beautiful, her dress is wonderful…but i’m going to have to say no to the shoes.

All hail the King and Queen!! They ALWAYS look good together and the queen is glowing!

Chris Brown looks like a Dry/Chapped zombie. And what’s with people wearing sun glasses inside?

I really hate the long mullet hair style she’s got going on, but Kim sure does know how to work a dress!

It must have been hot as hell because these guys look drenched… But very dapper.

Big Sean is so boney. It’s either his shirt is off or he has a wife beater on. What are you trying to show??

Miguel C’mon… you make it hard for me to like you. Your music is so good you don’t need to dress like a red fruit roll up. And is your hair pressed and curled at the top? I just can’t with you right now.

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