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What’s The Right Amount Of Foundation?

Often times I see women cake it on, maybe they don’t understand that foundation is supposed to cover up the problem spots/even out your skin not take over your face!

I myself have fallen victim to using too much foundation. Luckily, my skin is in pretty good shape so on a day to day basis I never wear any. Now, i’m in now way a makeup expert, but I do know that foundation shouldn’t be used as a mask!

This is why cleansing your skin, moisturizing and using SPF 15 is so important. Every morning and night I cleanse/moisturize, and I have spf 15 in my moisturizer. This aids in preventing breakouts and creating problem areas for me. It also gives me a natural glow that I don’t like to cover up with foundation.

The more you have a pre/post makeup routine the less foundation you’ll need to use because there won’t be alot of things you need to cover/conceal.

My skin is darker around my jaw line and I do use concealer under my eyes. On certain occassions I use foundation on my T-Zone and around my cheeks, so foundation comes in handy for me most when I want my skin tone to look even. So it’s best to figure out the less than favorable spots on your face and start there with foundation. If you’ve covered them well and your skin looks good, why add foundation in spots you don’t need it?

Then again, some women may NEED all over foundation, but even then light foundation is what I recommend using. Unless you’re going for that “dramatic” look, makeup should increase the beauty of your features, not hide them.


2 thoughts on “What’s The Right Amount Of Foundation?

  1. I'm not entirely sure what ethnicity Kim is but I'm sure she's gonna be a little more tan than us white folk. But doesn't the colour of her scalp kind of give us an insight into her true skin colour? Maybe she should lay off the fake tan as well as the foundation!

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