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Why I Like/ Respect Kim Kardashian.

However, I don’t like this outfit. It’s all over the place.

I used to seriously think Kim Kardashian was just an attention whore’n gold digger with a big booty, and maybe she is. Despite all of that, I’ve come to realize that I actually like this woman. She’s come along way from bump and grinding with Ray J in a hotel room, to being Kanye West’s arm candy. Now I may not agree with how she got where she is but I admire/respect that she got there.

Granted, her mom Kris Kardashian will die before she let’s her children live a normal life, and her step father Bruce Jenner was already famous. (See I know all this and I don’t even watch her show). I find Kim Kardashian to be captivating, and I’m sure millions of people will agree with me. It’s already been said, but I see a modern day Marilyn Monroe in her. I promise you if she died today, she will be more of an “icon” than she is now in 50 years or so.

You can’t deny she’s classy, has style, great business smarts and must be an excellent opportunist. I mean seriously, who would have thought five years ago she’d be canoodling in public with one of (in my opinion and his opinion as well) the best rappers of all time.

This woman has her own clothing line, fragrance, one of the highest paid women in reality t.v, her own store, and she’s in the process of coming out with her own shoe line with her boo. I know in the past I’ve spewed some harsh words about her, but I can’t deny appreciating and respecting some ones success. Regardless of how she started, she came and took over and as a fellow woman I find that amazing. Kudos to you Kim Kardashian.


6 thoughts on “Why I Like/ Respect Kim Kardashian.

  1. Totally agree with you there. I don't care how she got where she is cause that's not my business,but she deserves respect,I totally love her style.would you like to follow each other?xxhttp://stylemeeh.blogspot.com

  2. Yup!!! i think of more women supported or respected each other in that aspect, women would be alot nicer to each other lol and sure ill follow you ❤ thanks for your comment!

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