Relationships: Would You Tell Your Friend If You Saw Her Boyfriend Cheating?

One time, while wasting my life on Facebook, I received a message from a “boy”. I call him a boy because a man would have the sense not to message me knowing my relationship with his baby mother (who he was still with). His baby mother WAS one of my friends in High School.

Seeing as she WAS one of my friends and was no longer at the moment, was I to feel obligated to tell her about her baby’s father actions? How he was saying he wanted to be “physical” with me and would not stop leaving me messages in my inbox?

The moral of that story is, I did NOT mention it to her. After asking a mutual male friend of ours for his opinion  I decided that it wasn’t my place, but in the past as a good friend of hers I for sure would have told her a.s.a.p. However, I felt as a woman it was my place to put HIM in his place and tell him where he could go.

If you saw your friend’s boyfriend saying/doing things with another woman that he shouldn’t have would you say something? I feel like that puts you in an odd place. Will your friend accept the information and actually confront her boyfriend? And if she does will it come back to slap you in the face? Do you put yourself in between two peoples relationship or do you watch you friend knowingly get her heart broken?

If it was happening to one of my good friends at this moment, I’d hope she’d take my observations into considerations and make her own decisions requiring her heart, but don’t hold what I said against me or let it change our relationship. In fact, she should trust me a little more. What do you think?


8 thoughts on “Relationships: Would You Tell Your Friend If You Saw Her Boyfriend Cheating?

  1. Ummmm I would have to tell her. To me, I would feel like if I didn't I would have seemed shady and secretly enjoyed the messages or something. If my friend stopped being my friend over her dudes actions, then she wasn't my friend to begin with. #chicksbeforedicks <—Sorry so vulgar

  2. This has happened many times with me. Honestly, I would love to know if my man was seeking other girls..even if hurts me to know. This is where girls stick with girls against men and their games. But, when I did see my good friend's boyfriend doing too much with another girl (who happens to be my cousin), I flipped! I thought that was so messed up because they have a daughter together! My cousin told me she couldn't tell her because it was embarrassing and asked if I could. So I did. To my surprise she lashed out against me. I told her the truth and she rejected it. Perhaps she wasn't the independent woman I thought she was because if it was me in the situation I would have thanked whoever told me for looking out! Then I would confront my man and go from there!

  3. yeah im with you on that! maybe it depends on the person but if i saw one of my good friends with another woman id walk over to him and his jump off and introduce myself and ask where his girlfriend is and whos this girl and tell him ill be talking to his girl right now lmao. Its sad some women get mad at the truth instead of being strong.

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