Beauty: Cream Blush Vs. Powder Blush

Since the dawn of time women have wondered which blush is better, cream or powder? Well wonder no longer because I have the answer.

Since I have dry skin, cream blush seems to go on with ease and stay on. I apply it with my finger and blend it up towards the out corner of my eyes to accentuate my cheek bones. Cream stays on all day without any primer/foundation and keeps it’s pink color. So yes, I personally like cream better. I use E.L.F cream blush.

I thought at first glance the cream would be too bright for my skin, but after applying it, it created a nice color in comparison with my skin tone. Very nice for summer especially.

Powder blush when applied correctly with translucent powder for hold can work just as well as cream blush can. My skin doesn’t need any more powder than necessary so I choose not to take that route. Plus it’s recommended that people with dry skin use cream blush.

No need to thank me for my personal discovery… but you’re welcome.

(This is just in comparison to bare Minerals i.d blush.)


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