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Celebrity Juice: Deelishis Is Getting A Divorce

And honestly I couldn’t care less. What I want to discuss is these women that wonder why their marriage failed or why no men take them seriously when they take pictures like this every other day and post them for the world to see.

What is wrong with these kind of women. You get married yet you show off your goodies to the world PLUS you’re a mother??

Mind you, the pictures that I posted of her are considered rated G compared to the other ones I saw.
By no means am I a hater. In order for me to be a hater there has to be something she has that I want. Granted she has a big ole booty, but I’m fine with my size. I don’t see the logic in having a booty that colossal other than looking good in photos and getting men’s attention.

If you do naturally have a booty that size nothing is wrong with that either! My point is, she’s married, she’s a mother, luckily she was chosen to swap spit with Flavor Flav and she took that window of opportunity and ran with it. Now she’s all over magazines and in night clubs with the most skin tight clothes you could find and she has a whole gallery of back shots in the bathroom.

I feel as a woman in a relationship or marriage, whatever it may be, your body is for your MAN to see and your man only. Now, if you’re going out with the girls and you got on a freakum dress ain’t nothing wrong with that. But THIS..

C’mon now. I’m not a prude, and I understand it may be a lot of money involved in taking pictures like that and hosting parties damn near naked. Be that as it may, I think by the time you say I do or become a mother you should have other financial opportunities lined up, so you wont have to do things like that. I mean, how could this not harm the relationship. You wear lingerie and revealing clothing so much around every one that’s not your husband, what kind of excitement/anticipation could he get from seeing you in your unmentionables when the whole world knows how you look in them? It’s nothing new and it sure isn’t sacred honey booboo.

God forbid your son/daughter grows up and some annoying friend of his/hers pulls out a picture of his mom like that! How traumatic for the child, and embarrassing for you.

There may be some exceptions, some men may be okay with their women stripping/ taking half naked pictures and getting paid for it. I don’t see HOW they accept other men chasing/touching/staring at parts of their woman that should be confined to their marriage, but to each his own.


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