Beauty: JoJo’s Look

I’m still practicing with makeup so I don’t do a lot of daring looks (not yet anyway) so this one is pretty simple!

Sorry for the blurry shot, the batteries are dead in my Nikon.

If you are practicing to become a makeup artist like I am, I highly suggest you scurry on over to E.L.F’s website. because I got a 144 different colored eye shadow pallette for… hold on to your panties… $26.00!!! GET YOU SOME!

Any who, these are the products I used.

E.L.F  Hypershine Lipgloss “Flirt”
Lancome Hypnose Doll Lash Mascara
Loreal true match concealer
Bare Minerals I.d blush

1. I Used light yellow eye shadow as a base over my entire eye lid.
2. Then I used gold over the beginning of my eyelid, just under my eye crease.
3. Covered that with a maroon color (not over the enter eyelid)
4. Defined my crease with shimmering black, and shimmering gold towards the outer corner of my eyes.
5. I Used pencil liner on my lower lash (black)
6. Maroon & Black eyeshadow under my lower lash as well (the black stopping at the outer corners of my eyes)
7. Topped it all of with mascara

8.. On my lips I used the covergirl blastlipstick
9.. Then I put E.L.F lipgloss on top.

It’s not as complex as I have described it, honestly all it is is blending. I’m not that good at makeup to do something so difficult!


8 thoughts on “Beauty: JoJo’s Look

  1. Beautiful doll! Thank you for visiting my blog! Means the world to me, following you now on Bloglovin and GFC! Return the love back to me and Let’s stay connected! Have an amazing week!

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