Life: Why You Should Try & Learn To Do Everything Yourself

Making My Own Beauty Products

I used to think that I was all over the place, trying to learn how to be an expert at so many different things. From knitting, to painting, to photography, to writing, to blogging, to doing my own hair, to mastering makeup, to creating my own beauty products, there hasn’t been a dull moment in my life in a long time. Instead of looking at it as I’m being indecisive in what I want to do, I accepted the fact that I like to dabble in a little bit of everything. It can only benefit me, and let me tell you why.

Homemade scrub and bath products created by me and my partner.

1. It Will Keep You Happy

Blogging does not keep my lights on. I work a nine to five just like the rest of us, and let me tell you, some days it can be a tad bit too much. Between the stress of life itself and my job, It’s nice to have other things to focus on. Even though my interests may be a little sporadic, it definitely gives me something else to think about. Regardless of what I’m doing I always give it my all, the end result may not be perfect but it makes me extremely happy that I accomplished something. (Who am I kidding It’s always perfect, have you seen my paintings?)

That’s just a lil’ jokey joke, i’m not that cocky.

2. You Will Save Money

Between doing my own hair, knitting my own scarfs (which didn’t last very long), creating my own art work to maybe one day hang on the wall, and using my own body products, I’m sure I’ve saved a significant amount of money. Although, I did have to go out and buy all the materials I needed to embark on my creative journeys, I can keep making all this stuff without purchasing it from some one else. As an end result I’ve saved money on a hair dresser, on body products, on art… can’t really say that I buy a lot of scarfs but when I want one I can make it myself!

3. I Feel More Confident

There’s nothing like being able to look at a product in the store and say “I can make that at home”. It makes me want to learn more and create more. It feels great knowing I don’t need to spend 100 bucks to get my hair done at the salon. Granted, I no longer glue weaves in my hair because that’s absolutely the worst thing you can do to your hair, but I learned how so I can save money. When I didn’t want to spend 120 bucks getting braids in my hair, I watched a video on YouTube, learned how, and did it myself. I have confidence in the fact that I don’t always have to RELY on some one, and in return it gave me confidence knowing that I have acquired a lot of skills just by giving my self room to learn.

I can go on and on about the benefits of learning how to actually do things on your own, but this post will be way too long. These are all what I personally get from investing in my creativity, so it may frustrate others or people may not have time for that ish. All I’m saying is, whatever it is that you’re interested it in, go ahead and do it yourself! You may not be perfect at it but at least you’ve learned, you’ve grown, and you can check it off your list. Side hobbies sometimes turn into full time careers so give it a try!


3 thoughts on “Life: Why You Should Try & Learn To Do Everything Yourself

  1. I think that this is part of my personality…the desire to be independent and a little bit of pride (not wanting to ask anyone for anything). I definitely had to learn to balance this! Thanks for bringing this topic up!

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