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Hair: Solange’s Box Braids Style Guide

Brandy didn’t make it hot, Jada didn’t make it hot, SOLANGE brought these back. With her hipster/bohemian style leading the way, this woman made box braids relevant again. So according to Ms. Solange, Here a few styles to make your own (if you have or are deciding to get box braids)

Just let them hang.

Or put them up in a pony.

Or an extreme high to the side bun

Or add accessories!


5 thoughts on “Hair: Solange’s Box Braids Style Guide

  1. I remember Janet's "Poetic Justice" braids had all the girls in my neighborhood rockin' them. lolol. I always leaned towards Brandy's braids, though. She always used to rock the cutest braids. Granted, she never styled it different ways (she always left them to hang) but it was still cute to me.Solange definitely brought the thick box braids back…but with a twist. It's soooo long. When I rocked mine late last year, the length was just barely past my bra strap. And I STILL thought that was long.

  2. Hey JoJo! I'm your newest follower 🙂 I loooooove box braids and even though I saw Janet rocking them in PJ, I never lusted for them as much as I do now before Solange. She is amazing :)I love your blog. I hope you do me the honor of checking out mine, perhaps even following it if you like 🙂The Indie Byline

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