Life: What To Do If You Hate Your Job

Too often I hear horror stories about the chaos that occurs in some one’s workplace. Whether you work at Mc Donald’s or at an executive office in a sky scraper, there is always someone or something that makes the duration of your eight hours hell. Here’s some tips to keep a smile on your face, money in your pocket, and your blood pressure down.

1. Keep Yourself Busy At All Times

If you let the negativity of your job engulf you, it’s a clear road to self destruction. It not only follows you home it creates a storm of anger while you’re working. I’ve experienced this myself. I was working at a retail store a while back, I won’t name names (CRAZY 8 CHILDREN’S CLOTHING STORE) and my insane co -workers ALWAYS found something wrong with my performance. I didn’t tuck one tag out of 50, I missed a spot sweeping, I forgot to fold a coupon correctly. It was getting ridiculous. To steer clear of criticism, I kept myself busy at all times. I was so busy I would make sure I was TOO busy to talk. Plus, when they criticized me over the tiniest “mistake”, I would simply respond “I’ve been working like a dog I’m not worried about tucking a tag I’m super busy!!”. Plus they could never argue that I wasn’t a hard worker, or that my mistakes were a direct result of my laziness, because it was non existent!

2. Keep Personal Documents Of Everything Going On

They can never say that something didn’t happen if you document it! Your boss said you’re an incompetent child with no experience and shouldn’t have been hired in the first place? WRITE THAT ISH DOWN! Your co-worker says you’re dumb with no grasp of professionalism and she rolls her eyes and yells at you? WRITE THAT ISH DOWN! There will be a time, whenever you are ready, when you can send all of that in a nice clasp envelope to human resources and the labor board. You have been working in a hostile work environment, people are constantly talking down to you, being rude and verbally harassing you. We shall not stand for it! Liberate yourself and show them how you take care of things! After you send it, let them know and I bet they’ll be as nice as a new neighbor handing you a welcome to the neighborhood pie.

3. Speak Up For Yourself!

It took me a while to finally tell my co-workers where to shove it, but it was highly effective (in the beginning). Seeing as I was in a position of superiority, I could easily call a meeting and let them know I have ears and eyes every where. You talk about me one more time behind my back you will be receiving a write up for causing drama and hostility in the work place. I let them know the childish games would last no longer. Yeah, they recognized game. They knew I wasn’t having it and this is not what a team should be doing, discouraging others and harassing co-workers. They kept quiet for a while but at least I communicated. It worked in my favor because when I actually spoke with the district manager (That day) I told her “I expressed my discontent loud and clear with my team. Hopefully things will change for the better because I really do want every one to be happy here and get along”. I was no longer the bad guy. Anything that happened after that, was all on them.

Look how happy he is to take your resume, that’s a great start.

4. If all else fails, take your beautiful face and talents else where!

By all means if you’d rather jump in a pool of lava than work where you are any longer, please look for another job. DO NOT QUIT BEFORE YOU HAVE SECURED EMPLOYMENT ELSEWHERE. Also, keep it a secret. If you tell some one that honestly could care less about you that you are looking for another job, they will treat you worse than ever before. In some cases, your boss might fire you or cut your hours just to eagerly bring in another person to take your spot. Hit up Craigslist every morning, check the newspapers, network, you’ll find one. Prepare your epic exit speech, your two weeks notice and kiss that place goodbye!


3 thoughts on “Life: What To Do If You Hate Your Job

  1. oh god! Kia! I worked at charleys subs in Stockton back when I was 16 and my first assignment was to wash dishes…when my boss came back, she was like; "you still aren't done? aren't mexicans suppose to be good at this?" WTF. Wish I would have reported that!

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