The Big Chop!

On the right is after 3 weeks.

It takes a lot of confidence to walk around here dang near bearing your scalp, but I did it! (with the support of my sister and my husband). Yes I’m married now and we’ll get to that later, I’ll dedicate a whole post to that.

Any who, to be completely honest with you guys, I did not like it at first. I felt naked and very much insecure, for at least the first few days. Then I dyed it and got some really good products and BOOM, major confidence boost.

Yes it is true you do not need to chop ALL of your hair off to go natural. You can go through what the natural women call the “transitioning period” where you stop perming and pressing your hair and get it trimmed as needed to cut out the perm until you’re all natural. That takes time and patience. I tried that (for a day) and I personally found it very difficult to hold a natural style, due to the different textures. Also I have no patience. The top half was natural and the bottom half was straight. My hair looked terrible.

I’m not one of these women who cuts off their hair an goes natural and then sit around shaming every woman out of their weaves or perms. What works for you is what works for you, and we are all beautiful either way. It’s just a huge burden off of me now. The feeling of being able to welcome water when it comes to your hair is a blessing. Shower time is much more fun.

If you are deciding to do the big chop, I say think about it for a few days and once you’re sure, go ahead. It’s like losing a dear friend when you see all your hair laid out on the salon floor. On the bright side, if you don’t like it go on down to the beauty supply and get you a Nene Leakes wig until your hair returns, even if you do that you can stay natural!


19 thoughts on “The Big Chop!

  1. I LOVE it on you! I am transitioning and it definitely is a struggle! I am 8 months in and I feel like I am on the verge of cutting it all off because I get so frustrated. I plan to big chop it in April. At that point it will be a year since my last relaxer.

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