Relationships: Sweet Things On A Small Budget

Me & My Boo!

Every one knows fall is the best time to cuddle and stay warm with your honey! Keep them close and show them you love them with these fun ideas. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to show some love!

1. Write a letter/ poem with each other, stuff that ish in a bottle and send it out to sea!!! Your loving words will float adrift forever more.

3. Surprise them with a 50 things I love about you banner! You can Jazz it up and make it pop or keep it simple, either way they’ll love it!

Mine isn’t fancy but you get the point!

4. Create Together. Nothing better than creating something wonderful with a wonderful person.

*Stenciling Pillow Cases
*Ironing Letters On Shirts
*Key Chains

5. Have a special massage night. Create coupons and put them in a basket. Each coupon will be a different area of the body, allow your partner to pick 3 coupons and get to massaging!!! (For added fun allow them to pick as many as they want, or forget the basket and give them a freebie!)

6. Blindfold taste testing. You each go to the store and buy different candies/cookies/ice cream or anything sweet. Blind fold each other and see if you guys can guess what you’re eating!

7. Bundle up and take a walk under the stars! Bring hot chocolate in a thermos and talk each others ears off.

There are thousands of money saving things to do with your sweetheart, keep an open mind and stay creative and they’ll come to you!


4 thoughts on “Relationships: Sweet Things On A Small Budget

  1. I love these ideas, JoJo! I'm always looking for creative things to do with my honey on a budget. Looks like I'll be making up some coupons and putting up a banner for my babe soon. He will really appreciate this!Thanks for the inspiration =)

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