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Life: Why I Hate Going To The Gym

It be like that.

I wish I never signed up for the Gold’s Gym Package. You have to go through a certain phase to realize you are wasting 39.95 a month.

Phase 1: Oh my god the gym is going to be my life I’ll be here ever other day pumping iron and running on a treadmill! Whoop! Summer body here I come! I should buy one of those protein bars to get me started.

Phase 2: Eh, the gym isn’t going any where I’ll go there this weekend for sure.

Phase 3: What is that smell and why does that girl keep flipping her hair on the stair master?

Phase 4: The gym sucks now I’m in a contract I have to pay 100 dollars to get out of, I should have just ran around the lake.

Just like any other person with a will to lose weight, I was overly excited about joining the gym. I wanted to join just to tighten up a bit and build up enough stamina to not comatose after going up a flight of stairs. But surprise surprise, the gym is a very misleading place. At least to me.

They bring you in and sell you on a dream of losing weight an tell you you’ll look like Zoe Saldana in no time!

Never mind that’s too skinny, maybe Jennifer Lawrence.

That’s better.

They give you a tour and every one looks happy and fit and wow! This is going to be my second home you say.

No. The gym STINKS. I’d prefer running alone in the fresh open air than running next to a man running full speed with a HOODIE on. Dear god that smell. Some of the women are just there to flaunt there fit cakes in front of other men who are also just there to see fit cakes. Don’t even try to go during prime time hours like the evenings or the weekends cause that’s a sure shot way to end up waiting in line with Ted and Kesha for the next open treadmill for the next 30 minutes.

The muscle building areas are full of grunting men who should have stopped working out years ago seeing as their shoulder muscles are past their neck! There is sweat dripping off every surface and people inadvertently compete with you if they are exercising next to you.

I’ll leave the gym to the pros’s (when my contract is over). I’d rather walk and run around outside than exercises in a gym with stationary bicycles that people wait in line to ride.

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