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Movie Review: Sinister

I know I’m a little late seeing as it came out on October 5th, but I wanted to share with you guys a movie that almost made me curl up in a ball and pray to the gods for savior.

I LOVE a good scary movie. A movie so good it gives me chills and makes me wish the movie was over already so I won’t be on the edge of my seat any more. This is that movie.

I wont spoil it for you, but the first scene will keep you hooked until the last one. Ellison Oswalt (played by Ethan Hawke) is a true crime author who moves to a new neighborhood where a murder has occurred in order to get more information on what happened. He plans to use what he finds to solve the crime and write a book. During all this, he finds some lost footage and… WELL see the movie!!

Go see it if you like to scream and pee your pants.

Don’t go see it if you don’t like to do any of those things.


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