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Thrifting: Tips For Thrift Shopping

I ALWAYS find great stuff when I’m thrift shopping. I’ve found hats, scarfs, belts, shorts, jackets, sweaters, clutches, leather back packs, all during my excursions. I have a keen eye and a lot of patience, because that’s what it takes. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy thrift shopping as much as I do!

Those are just a few of the items I’ve found at the Thrift Store. Thrifting is really fun and CHEAP, but here is what you should know:

1. Have Patience

Thrift stores are FULL of items, and it can get a little over whelming. Make enough time in the day for yourself so you can explore the ENTIRE store without rushing. You’ll find more stuff if you don’t rush through the racks.

2.  Look For Simple Pieces

The reason why I find so much stuff is because I’m not looking for the latest trend. I’m looking for things like sweaters and and jeans that I can add with more trendy items or turn into D.I.Y projects. Some times if I’m lucky I’ll find more up to date clothing like when I found this jacket

You can read more about my findings during that tripHERE. Keep an eye out for things you can match with clothing items you already have instead of trying to build an entire outfit in the thrift store. That usually doesn’t work out too well.

3. Buy Things You’ll Actually Wear

If you don’t wear African print moo moos then don’t buy it just because it’s 2.99 and you THINK one day you might wear it. Look for things that reflect your style and personality. I love the 1940’s and 1950’s so anything that I can wear that reflects that era and my style I’ll bag it. Don’t buy it with hopes of wearing it, but so you can and will wear it.

4. Set a Budget

I can easily go to one thrift store and blow $60.00 bucks, but If I do that then I’ve spent all the money in one store when I could have went to two other thrift stores. Try and spend $20.00 in each store and see what you come up with. You’ll have a better chance of findings things you like if you expand your horizons!

5. Bring Music/ A Snack

This is something I always forget to do, but it’ll help. If you are serious about thrifting, you could be in there for a while. A bottled watter and a protein bar will help out a lot. There is racks on racks on racks of stuff in thrift stores and if you’re a professional you’ll be searching for a loooong time.

6. Don’t Settle

If something has stains and is dingy, don’t think you can fix it up and make it all nice again (unless you are doing a d.i.y project) $4.99 or not don’t waste your money. Save that $4.99 and buy something that looks better! Nine times out out of ten that stain you can’t remove, and you can’t bring a dingy shirt back to life. Rips and tears can be fixed in certain places.

7. Do Your Research

Google and find where the best thrift shops are hiding. You don’t want to spend all day driving in hopes of coming across a Thrift Store. There is an app for the Iphone called “Thrift Buddy” which uses your current location and tells you where the Thrift Stores are around you. You can favorite the place, write a review, add a wish list and so many other things.

I hope this makes your thrifting experience a little easier. Good luck!


11 thoughts on “Thrifting: Tips For Thrift Shopping

  1. Great Post. I'm new to thrifting and really want to get better at it. I find some cools pieces every now and again but I truly need patience and I love the idea to bring a snack and music. Great Post!!!

  2. Good post, I love thrifting and I agree with your advice :)(Just that I also go for crazy pieces when I can get them for cheap, it doesn't really matter if I wear them once or twice and then recycle on ;D)x, Larahttp://rockteraptor.blogspot.fi/

  3. These are some wonderful tips! I sometimes do ok when I go thrifting. I just recently started it, though. I do it almost twice a week now…I'm kind of addicted! That striped blazer was a great find!

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