Celebrity Juice

Celebrity Juice: Attention Whorin’ Through Politics

CHILD PLEASE have a seat. Stacy Dash is the best example of a celebrity making a mockery out of politics. Not only did she have the WORST excuse as to why  she is voting for Mitt Romney, she took that stupid photo after she publicly announced it. I’m not into politics at all, I don’t even pretend to be, but this has to stop.

Lisa Raye

I find it hilarious that these low level celebrities come out with these photos. We all know what it’s for (publicity). Obama is one of the most branded presidents ever, there are clothes, memes, earrings all created in support of him. People create that stuff because it’s in high demand, they make money and probably in the end don’t even vote or contribute to the campaign. At this point I feel it’s all done for personal gain and not for the TRUE benefit of getting people to vote or even understand the election. Its not like they made a video reading the policies he believes in. How is body paint or a sexy photo going to encourage people to be more knowledgeable about politics or Obama and get them to vote. This is ridiculous. You are starving for attention so you do that. Nice move ladies.


3 thoughts on “Celebrity Juice: Attention Whorin’ Through Politics

  1. Lol :D. Funny how those who are supposed to do really demanding politics, are made into some sorta celebs (that the other celebs are not afraid to take advantage of)..If I was a high-position politician, not sure if I wanted my face on anyone's butt or so. x, Larahttp://rockteraptor.blogspot.fi/

  2. Lol, this whole situation had me rolling because I was like, it's not like ya'll are Angelina Jolie or anything. And Stacey Dash is doing what these days? They both need to have a seat lol. OAN: JoJo! Girl, I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award! I love your variety in content so I just had to nominate you after I became nominated. I hope you accept :)http://indiexrocks.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-versatile-blogger-award.html

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