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Question Of The Day: To Heel Or Not To Heel.

Not only do I have terrible posture, I have to do a preliminary walk in heels before I leave the house. It’s that bad. But when I’m dancing in them, nothing else matters. Since my car is broken I have to walk every where, so I have the chance to observe more and I see young women in heels all over! Don’t get me wrong, most of the time they look great and they don’t look like they’re struggling to walk in them, I just couldn’t do it.

Something inside me is confused when I see girls walking around with high heels on on a normal day. I think to myself why is she doing so much?? Then I’m like, maybe she’s going out after or maybe she just loves heels. When I see women wear heels walking around the park or just out to lunch its so weird to me, It could be because of where I live (and this isn’t Basketball Wives LA). Here are a few places I feel heels shouldn’t be worn to.

1. School
2. The Park
3. The Library

How do you ladies feel about heels? Do you wear them on a normal day just for the sake of fashion or do you save them for special occasions?

(This is not a hating post, because some girls really WERK in heels)


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