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JoJo’s Top 4 "Are You Serious?" Moments of 2012


This year was chock-full of what in the hell moments-but ain’t no body got time for that, so here are my top 4.

1. Miley Cyrus Embraces Her Bad Girl Side.

I swear in the Disney contract it must stipulate some where that “Once you get on, drastically change”. Not saying Miley Cyrus is a bad girl, she just started to dress like one. Lets take a look shall we?

I think Rihanna is behind this. It’s not like it doesn’t look good on her, she’s 20 and beautiful she can wear what she wants… but dressing like Lauren Conrad to a Gringe Punk Rocker is a little drastic.

2. Rihanna & Chris Get Back Together.

I think I posted about their weird ass relationship maybe two times, but this is an “are you serious” moment only on Rihanna’s behalf. Chris beat her to a bloody pulp, then she came out with a song on her album (Unapologetic) WITH HIM entitled “Nobody’s Business”, then posted things like this on her instagram. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

At this point, it’s every one’s business Rihanna, but enjoy any way I guess.

3. Courtney Stodden And Dough Hutchinson Join Couples Therapy.

Everything about him screams “let me smell your underwear”. Shes 17 now and I think he’s 94. She was on that show walking around other women’s boyfriends/fiances/husbands in basically her bra and panties and those signature clear platform stripper heels. VH1 will exploit anything for a rating, and I will forever watch it happen.

Just Sick.

4. Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Get Together.

…and her fashion sense jumps swiftly out the window. I still can’t say if I think they’re a cute couple or not, but I don’t see it for them. She has a big ego, he has a big ego, that’s a recipe for disaster right there. Two people too into themselves cannot be together ( I think I used the letter “T” too much).
On top of that, shes prancing around with Kanye and she’s not even legally divorced. Kanye should have stayed with his fiance, he seemed more humble and like-able when they were together.

Honorable mentions:

Obama is still our president
Heidi Klum & Seal get divorced
Ceelo is accused of rape
Karruche is left in the dust post Chrihanna gate


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