T.V: American Horror Story Asylum Mid Season Review


*Yes, there will be spoilers.

Um Sister Jude, If I would want anybody to administer electric shock on me for being bat sh*t insane, it would be you. Even though you are scarier than the devil (who is actually on the show) I love when you scene steal. Dr. Arden better watch his back!

I actually didn’t watch the last two episodes of American Horror Story season 1, but that is what Wikipedia is for. I read the entire plot. This season’s theme is “sanity” and clearly every one in the asylum is some type of crazy (including the staff, especially the staff), except Kit who was actually abducted by aliens.

I love how every one’s dirt has come to the light in some way, Bloodyface is Dr. Oliver Thredson, Sister Jude was drunk driving and ran over a young nerd girl with glasses, Dr. Arden’s disastrous creation ended up at a public hospital. Man what’s next?! I’ll tell you what’s next, everyone DIES like the first season.

What I seriously am confused by, is how and when this season will connect with the first season. Almost all the characters are back, so what’s the link? However it links up I honestly don’t care because even if next season ended up on a desert 245 million years ago with dinosaurs I’d still watch it because it is just THAT good.


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