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News: Albany Middle School Teacher Suspected Molester

Photo Credit: Oakland Tribune

This is just sad. I was just speaking with my cousin on how scary it is to have kids in this day and age due to events such as these. Former Albany middle school teacher James Izumizaki (who was also a coach) committed suicide a few days after he was arrested for open mouth kissing a student. Not only that, but was also fondling the student outside of their clothes.

Due to unsealed court documents, more of his dirt has come to light. According to the Oakland Tribune:

“That suspected abuse was just the start of ‘extremely severe’ allegations that have not been publicly released, said attorney Bob Wilson, who represents multiple Izumizaki victims.

‘The affidavit represents the tip of the iceberg of the investigation, and the investigation has continued long after his death,’ said Wilson in the first public comments made by anyone representing the minor students. ‘There are multiple victims out there, and the allegations are extremely severe.’ “

Poor kids. I really hope the school discontinues the memorial for this man. Every time I do my daily blog check I run into disgusting news like this. All teachers should be subjected to a mental evaluation in my opinion, there should be a little more effort put in to make sure peoples kids are protected. Especially Pre-Highschool.

Read more HERE.


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