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Life: Try Everything At Least Once

I know, this pic is sort of creepy but you get the point.

I should be the last person telling you guys this, given the fact that I have a LIST of things I will never try:

1. Getting over my fear of spiders
2. Jumping out of a plane
3. Crack/Cocaine or any drug that some one got famous for selling and then got a featured spot American Gangster
4. Any kind of food that was on Man Vs. Food
5. Living in Richmond

Life is to short to be congested with the fear of “What if”. What if I do this and something happens to me? What if I do this and people think of me a certain way. WHO CARES! You want to drop your job like a bad habit and travel the world? Go do it! You want to all of a sudden become a male stripper and a piano teacher on the side? Break out the thong and some sheet music, for life is an open playground, and you NEVER go to a play ground without trying out each swing, each monkey bar, and each slide (if you went to a playground as a child and swung on one swing and left you should be in a mental home).

Too often I hear some one speak with so much enthusiasm about something they’re interested in, but never test the waters. Life likes it rough, it likes to be attacked,  You have to get up on that thang and ride it till the wheels fall off!! I would NEVER want to be 45 and say “Omg why didn’t I get into [insert fabulous career] when I was young and able?” Yeah you may try a few things and fail miserably, but that’s apart of finding out who you are. Don’t live up to what other people “think” you’d be great at, or what other people want from you. You want to dance and jig around your neighborhood like Santa this year? Do that sh*t.

Surround yourself with people who love you and will support you through all your paths to discovery, because one out of 20 will be the jackpot, and they’ll be there at the top with you waiting for a thank you card, and 15,000 for life counseling fees.


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