Celebrity Juice, Fashion

Kanye West’s Fiercest Outfits. WERQ.

Look, Fam, I miss the old you! The college drop-out back pack wearing “Through The Wire” Kanye! But MA’AM did you kill in that leather skirt!!

You know you took all the clothes out of Kim’s closet, told her they were ugly and kept them for yourself. It’s okay Kanye You’re still my favorite rapper. You are not ashamed of your feminine side, but I think you look good in anything, so WERK boo.

NOBODY wears studded slip ins better than you. (Sidenote, what the hell Amber?!)

Who cares if that’s a women’s blouse, you look pretty and don’t let anybody take that away from you.

A sequin vest is every girls dream.

You are like a delicate little chocolate flower, with an admiration for slip-ins.

Go ahead and pull the bedazzler out of the closet y’all, you guys know this sweater is bomb!

And just a dash of thigh to end the post right.

He wants to dress like a fancy pants that’s great, as long as he keeps making songs I google lyrics to just so I can single along, but I like old Kanye’s clothes better. The fact that he even put on that leather skirt over leather pants under a hoodie, shows how he really doesn’t give a damn anymore.


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