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T.V: 7 Ways Deception Is A Rip Off Of Revenge

This show (Well, the trailer) really upsets me. Do the producers legally have the right to rip off another T.V show, and add a FEW changes to make it seem like it’s original? I wouldn’t consider this a review, because I refuse to watch this show, this is more of a “HOW DARE YOU RIP OFF MY FAVORITE SHOW” post.

I am shocked and disgusted.

1. The Rich & Evil Family That’s Hiding Something While Living In a Huge Mansion

Deception: The Bowers Family

Revenge: The Graysons

2. Murder Victim That Didn’t Deserve To Die

Deception: Vivian Bowers

Revenge: David Clark

3. Star Of The Show Trying To Solve/Seek Revenge of Un-Deserving Murder Victim(who was also super close to the murder victim at a younger age, as seen in flashbacks, and is also undercover)

Deception: Joanna Locasto

Revenge: Amanda Clark

4. Sinister Mom Of Wealthy Family

Deception: Sophia Bowers

Revenge: Victoria Grayson

5. Partner In Crime Who Knows What’s Going On And Knows You’re Undercover

Deception: Will Moreno

Revenge: Nolan Ross

6. Guy From Wealthy Family Who Likes Star of The Show

Deception: Julian Bowers

Revenge: Daniel Grayson

7. Star Of The Show Actually Spending Time With Evil Family/ Attending Dinners, Etc.

Deception: Joanna Locasto

Revenge: Victoria Grayson

This show should get the award for “Most Boldly Unoriginal” at the Emmy’s. I say we all get together and protest it. This is bullsh*t.

Deception, take notes.


8 thoughts on “T.V: 7 Ways Deception Is A Rip Off Of Revenge

  1. Thank YOU!!! I saw the previews for this new show, and I really thought to myself…REALLY? This was a new show not too long ago, but it's not called Deception! I don't watch either one [regularly], but I have watched Revenge a couple of times and liked it.Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm your newest GFC follower! ~Kim

  2. This made me laugh. Im a fan of revenge! Watch every episode but i e never seen or heard of this show. Im going to look into it. If its like Revenge the I just might like it. Lol. Im one of your newest followers!Leisure @

  3. Could not agree more! It was the first thing I thought when I saw the trailer too. I LOVE Revenge but don't want to watch the same storyline all over again, know what I mean? Oh, and I love the "disgusted face" from SNL haha!p.s. – thanks for finding my blog, I'm following back 🙂

  4. Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog yesterday! I'm glad you did. You had me as a new follower with this post. I FREAKIN LOVE REVENGE! Even my husband will watch it with me sometimes! Great to meet you! Can't wait to read more.Deandra

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